Social Farm for young adults with mental disabilities

Goutte d’eau – a child support network (GEcsn) created the Kep Farm to accommodate young adults with severe mental disabilities. The activities at the Kep Farm are run by Damnok Toek’s teams.
The farm was founded to ensure adequate follow-up for the children of Damnok Toek’s Handicap Center which was created in Phnom Penh in 2003 to welcome the large number of disabled children among the victims of child trafficking. The children of the Handicap Center quickly grew to become young adults and since there was no appropriate structure to welcome them in Cambodia, GEcsn decided to create this new project for them. The Kep Farm opened its doors in December 2016 and ever since its programs have been very successful and have been attracting a lot of interest from other organizations working in the field of disability in Cambodia.
As soon as the first beneficiaries arrived at this flagship project, they appreciated their new home. After a few weeks of getting used to their living space and activities, they had all made great progress in terms of their social commitments and self-reliance, and had also improved their appetite.
GEcsn and Damnok Toek are very satisfied with the progress of the project and its initial results and it is therefore with great enthusiasm that they have now embarked on the next stage: the implementation of the agricultural program which will make the Kep Farm as financially autonomous as possible but will also allow its beneficiaries to work and feel reintegrated in the Cambodian society.