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Job Opportunity

1-Coordinator for Disabilities Project at Kep.
  1. Goal of the function

The aim of this function is to fulfill his/her duties in accordance with the statutes, the working contract, and the different policies of Damnok Toek to assist vulnerable children and their families.

  • The coordinator is responsible to implement and to monitor the good functioning of the Kep center for residence ( Young adults With Disabilities)
  • As a coordinator s/he is responsible and has the right and duty to control, improve, organize, supervise and manage the implementation and coordination of the project.
  • The coordinator has the duty to represent the organization towards donors, visitors and other external partners.
  • The coordinator is responsible for the good coordination and information transmission between the Board, the staff, other collaborators, and partner organizations.
  •  The coordinator is responsible to set up, and enforce policies with support of management team.
  1. Qualifications


High school degree, working experience with target group (in NGO) at least 3 years, management/leadership skills, communication skills (confidentiality, dealing with positive and negative feedback to/from staff, staff capacity building, networking skills), teamwork (information sharing), initiative, and a flexible personality.

English language is preferred both in speaking and writing.

  1. Working schedule

 Monday to Friday: 7h00am-12h00am  2pm-17h00/.Schedule that may vary according to need. The coordinator is also expected to come to the center at least one time during the weekend, or one evening during the week, to ensure everything is well at the center (“surprise visit”).  S/he will also be asked to work occasionally during public holidays, like all other staff working for Damnok Toek.

Additionally, the schedule may vary at times because of: donor visits, problems that need to be addressed immediately, special events, or as per team leader social work responsibility, some travel.  The coordinator must be an example for the staff and must be flexible.

  1. Probation period

A probation period of 3 (three) months will start following the day of the signature of this agreement.

  1. Main duties and competences


5.1 Duties as a member of the management team 

  • Implement the decisions made by the BOD
  • Transmit decisions made by the BOD to direct subordinates
  •  lead the staff meeting every week
  • Provide input for annual budget to the management team

5.2  Duties as Residential Center Coordinator  


  • Supervise the children’s health by referring to appropriate services, following up and ensuring good documentation of care provided; Refer any serious medical cases to hospital or other health facilities, accompany residents during important medical appointments
  • Ensure proper order of the medicine boxes; ensure adequate and no expired supply

Human Resources:

  • Supervise the proper management of human resources: educators (direct child care workers), physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, and volunteers (if any) – recruit and train as needed.
  • Manage staff files
  • Organize schedule/replacements of educators
  • Ensure good working relations, transparency and communication among the team
  • Responsible to find appropriate training for educators and other staff
  • Evaluation of educators with assistance of at least one management team member (6, and 12, months)
  • Supervision and evaluation of the volunteers (if present) 

General Center Activities:

  • Facilitate every week educator/staff meeting
  • Responsible for implementing and developing rules/guidelines of the center
  • Ensure that the child protection policy is applied at all times, by all staff.
  • Ensure that the minimum standards are met; seek opportunities to do above and beyond
  • Supervise children meeting/schedule/activities; propose new activities
  • Suggest new children for the center (case background, implications to current capacity, etc.)
  • Develop partnerships with other organizations and companies providing vocational trainings, internships, apprenticeships
  • Manage PP email inbox, answer emails, and forward emails whenever needed
  • Manage school materials and medical equipment/supplies  of the center

5.3  Duties related to social work

  • Lead and participate in family assessment/tracing/follow-up and home visits
  • Propose to the management team referral of children to adapted structures or reintegration
  • Assistance with counseling of children as needed/requested.
  • Oversee individual children goals: review the current goals, assess and help to update every three months

5.4  Public relations

  • Assist to manage external requests (donors, medias, volunteers, other NGO …)
  • Ensure good relationship with donors.
  • Develop partnerships with organizations working on disability
  • Increase and ensure good relationship with relevant local authorities and ministries
  1. Information


6.1  Information to give:

  • Orientation and information to Management team /BOD from other NGOs, organizations
  • Orientation and information to Management team /BOD from the government
  • Orientation and information to other organizations about the project (public relations)
  • Monthly statistics
  • Annual Activity Report on project activities
  • Activity reports for the donors
  • Transfer knowledge acquired from workshops, trainings
  • Information about visitors/volunteers
  • Information about donors visiting
  • Information about training for capacity building

6.2  Information to receive

  • Minutes from the BOD meeting
  • Information from management team, TA
  • Information according to required outputs/standards from donors
  • Information from other institutions which are linked to Damnok Toek
  • Information about new donors
  1. Duties of control
  • Control of child records
  • Control monthly statistics
  • Control and implement decisions made by the Management team
  • Control implementation of rules, regulations for children and staff
  • Control activities and schedules of subordinates
  • Control implementation of working contracts with subordinates (working hours, annual leave, sick leave and special leave)
  • Control week end activity planning for educators
  • Monitor hygiene and maintenance of Residential Center facilities and Compound
  • Control objectives and outputs of the Residential Center
  • Ensure that children benefit at residential center (progress, development)


Please send your CV, a motivation letter and contact information to:

 2-Physiotherapyst Job Description

Main Responsibilities

  • Assess the movement, strength, endurance and other physical capacities of the resident
  • Plan and implement physical exercise programs to maintain, enhance or restore the resident’s physical well-being
  • Develop and execute programs that may include therapy, manipulation, massage, education and use of electrotherapy, hydrotherapy or other equipment
  • Assess physical fitness to work and practice sports internally and / or externally
  • Establish a program and provide the necessary education to restore movement and reduce pain
  • Provide individualized treatment and a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, environmental factors and lifestyle
  • Keep clinical and statistical records
  • Develop individualized treatment methods and assessment tools related to the educational team
  • Lead and manage the Day Care Center organization
  • Act as a physiotherapy consultant
  • Discuss the problems, needs and progress of residents with the team already in place.
  • Organize a monthly meeting related to the educational program.



  • Monitoring each child’s physical, mental and social wellbeing both subjectively and objectively, in the aim to evaluate the progress of their transition in link with the staff
  • Asset monitoring and maintenance of materials for the project.
  • Packing supervision, maintenance room, physiotherapy room.
  • Communicate with educators and observe activities, providing constructive feedback when able.
  • Monitoring of children´s social and emotional wellbeing


Including lunch 7: 30 / 11: 30 and 1.30pm /5.30 pm – 5 days per weeks

Application: Please contact  017 47 12 91