Neak Loeung

The center for Children with Disabilities

After DT closed the center in Phnom Penh, children that were under 18 years old were referred to the new project in Neak Loeung (Prey Veng Province). The disability project currently has 16 children in the Small Group Homes (SGH), living weith different kinds of physical and/or intellectual disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and Amputation. These children are provided with a family-like environment to live, basic-life needs (food, hygiene), a child-friendly environment, and access to play and everything they need to develop to their full potential.

On an adjacent compound, there is another project called Day Care Center (DCC), which is a place for rehabilitation that supports children with disabilities to learn, acquire new skills, and develop physical and intellectual competences. In the DCC, there are three spaces dedicated to improve the development of the children: the education room, a sensory room, and a physical therapy room. The education room is a space for children with disabilities to learn by tutoring, playing, and doing activities that can contribute to their development. The sensory room is for sensory stimulation and the children take turns to get different stimulations such as low-volume music to stimulate hearing, objects with different textures to stimulate touch, lights to stimulate vision, and so forth. In the Physical Therapy room, the children receive specialized rehabilitation services that help them improve their physical skills and become more independent.

Besides the SGH and the DCC, Damnok Toek also has the Outreach Project that is being implemented by Social Workers in Neak Loeung. They go to nearby communities to search for children with disabilities that need rehabilitation so they can be offered the opportunity to receive rehabilitation and education services at the Day Care Center. Children from the community do the same activities  as the children in the SGH and are then offered the opportunity to acquire new skills and develop to their full potential.

All the projects above are being well developed by Damnok Toek Team in Neak Leoung, which has allowed many children with physical and intellectual disabilities to improve their skills, acquire different abilities, and become more independent than they were before. Children have achieved outcomes they never thought they would be able to achieve and we currently have many successful stories like a child with a learning disability that was successfully integrated into public school and a child with cerebral palsy that is now learning how to walk.

In conclusion, Damnok Toek has been working so hard to meet its vision as well as developing the project to grow further. The disability project, Neak Loeung is committed to help reach more children with disabilities and improve their quality of life. Damnok Toek has prepared a training on the topic of disability that will be held from the 30th of November until the 3rd of December in Neak Loeung. For further information about the training, please stay tuned to our Facebook page or the Damnok Toek website.