Volunteering for Damnok Toek

In order to provide capacity building to our staff, we regularly employ volunteers with specialized backgrounds (social workers, educators, doctors, physiotherapists etc).
Damnok Toek pays particular attention to any person that will be in touch with its beneficiaries, including visitors, journalists, local and international staff. Damnok Toek therefore has a Child Protection Policy that every individual involved in Damnok Toek in any way should read, sign and comply to.

In addition to that, Damnok Toek welcomes volunteers under the following conditions:

1.     The volunteer's work has to be based on the organisation’s needs;
2.     The volunteer has to work on building the capacity of the local staff in order to increase the organisation’s sustainability;
3.    Damnok Toek will not work with volunteers on tasks that can be done by local staff (like teaching);
4.    Direct interaction with the children, without involvement of local staff, is not allowed.

Besides the conditions above, the following conditions apply to any person wishing to volunteer at Damnok Toek:

-  Long term availability, at least 3 months (except for medical doctors)
-  Minimum age of 23
-  Studies must have been completed in the required field
-  Have proven skills in the required field
-  Experience working overseas, preferably in developing countries
-  Provide Damnok Toek with an official proof/certificate of good conduct
-  Be in good health
-  Make sure to have all necessary vaccinations
-  Organise their own accommodation (staying at the centers in not allowed)

Any person interested in volunteering at Damnok Toek should send a motivation letter, CV, references and an official proof/certificate of good conduct to the attention of : job@gouttedeau.orgfamily children


* Pictures : Sylvain Chaboz

children Damnok Toek is a member of the Childsafe Network and implements the  ChildSafe Hotline  in Poipet and in Neak Loeung.

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