Projects for street living and/or working children

2 Drop-In centres (one in Neak Loueng and one in Poipet) for street living, street working, substance abusing and neglected children with a capacity of up to 70 children per day.

Short term shelter open day and night, 7 days a week: a safe space where children can rest and relax, take a shower, use the bathroom and can enjoy recreational activities.


Social Work:
- Outreach for 4 times a day, 7 days a week
- Family tracings, assessments and reintegrations 
- Follow up of reintegrated children into families and in public school
- Counseling

Non formal education and awareness raising/prevention:
- day class at Drop In (basic literacy, numeracy, life skills)
- workshops for parents and children
- mobile libraries in the community
- involvement of medical doctors in awareness raising activities

ChildSafe Network
Damnok Toek runs the ChildSafe network in both Neak Loueng and Poipet by training ChildSafe community members, follow up with them and managing a Hotline. For more information on ChildSafe, please see

Rehabilitation project in Poipet for substance abusing and street living children - on average 40 children per year

mid-term shelter (6 months to 1 year)

- Art therapy through circus, acrobatics, hiphop and breakdance
- Yearly theatre performances
- Life skills education
- Workshops (painting, woodcarving…)
- Psycho social support
- Prevention in the communities through theatre performances

street children


* Pictures : Sylvain Chaboz

children Damnok Toek is a member of the Childsafe Network and implements the  ChildSafe Hotline  in Poipet and in Neak Loeung.

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