Damnok Toek ("Drop of water" in English and "Goutte d’eau" in French) is a Cambodian organization working with vulnerable  children and their families.

Damnok Toek (Goutte d'eau)'s main goals are:

  • Prevention of child abuse, substance abuse and child trafficking/unsafe migration (internal and cross-border trafficking)

  • Rehabilitation of under-aged substance abusers and traumatized children

  • Integration of neglected children and street children into Cambodian society through formal education (public school) and informal education (non formal education programmes and vocational training) 

  • Reintegration of trafficked or runaway children into their culture, their villages, and if possible their families of origin.

Our purpose is to ensure a sustainable reintegration of the children into their families and to prepare them for an independent life.

Damnok Toek (Goutte d'eau) has programmes in 3 different locations in Cambodia - Poipet, Neak Loueng and Phnom Penh - 900 children benefit from more than 12 different projects on a daily basis.

Damnok Toek is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit and non-discriminatory non-governmental organization. However, local religious, cultural and historical traditions are respected and integrated into the everyday work. The organization does not exclude influences from other cultures if there is a gain for the programme.




* Pictures : Sylvain Chaboz

children Damnok Toek is a member of the Childsafe Network and implements the  ChildSafe Hotline  in Poipet and in Neak Loeung.

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