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In 2009, Damnok Toek started a project to help vulnerable families earn money to ensure a safe and stable environment for their children. The mothers involved in this project work from home, which allows them to take care of their children at the same time. The families sign a contract with Damnok Toek in which they commit to send their children to school, to take good care of them and to prevent them from working on the streets.

Beneficiaries are trained to produce Damnok Toek products and are supported with material. Damnok Toek then buys the products. Families are followed up by our social workers to make sure the children receive care.

For an overview of our current products, please see the Damnok Toek catalogue.

By buying Damnok Toek products you can support vulnerable children and their families.
To buy Damnok Toek products, please go to:

  • the Damnok Toek shop at the Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap

  • "Friends 'n Stuff" - shop by 'Friends International' in Phnom Penh that also sells Damnok Toek products: #215, Street 13 (Close to the National Museum)

  • "Poom Products" - shop located in Battambang, #222, road 3, owned by TIP-CAMBO, a social entreprise created to support vulnerable women in Cambodia.

For more information, please contact

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* Pictures : Sylvain Chaboz

children Damnok Toek is a member of the Childsafe Network and implements the  ChildSafe Hotline  in Poipet and in Neak Loeung.

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