Alternative Care

Reception centre

The Reception Centre opened in Poipet in 2001, as part of the Return and Reintegration of children trafficked to Thailand-Project (supported by IOM), The centre focuses on repatriating Cambodian children from Thailand. The reception center offers effective and sustainable remedies for victims of human trafficking, with an emphasis on assistance delivery by grassroots organizations; including, but not limited to, housing, food, legal aid, access to justice, psycho-social support, medical care, training and sustainable livelihoods. Since January 2017 RC welcome new children 12 and in average we able to load 35 children.

Transitional Care center

DT’s recovery shelters are designed primarily for children and youth that were victims of trafficking to Thailand, victims of child labour, or to children living on in the streets. These centres welcome children for between 6 and 12 months, and emphasis is put on counselling, trauma rehabilitation and family tracing. Our longer-term shelters offer the possibility for the children to re-build their lives and access education. Each placement within a shelter is carefully considered; DT believes institutionalisation must come as last resort, and only if it is in the best interest of the child.