A boy placing a crown on Dr. Sovannarith’s head at Damnok Toek Center For Children With Disabilities, Phnom Penh. Dr. Savannaith Sam has been with Damnok Toek since their inception in 1997. Photo by Angela Cornish/ARGUS

Dear All.

       I consider that education is fundamental to the opportunity of children in Cambodia.  There were several major highlights in 2015, including the launching the of the new mobile rehabilitation project, a sexual health education program and the rapid growth of the community kindergarten program.DT strives to work’s in an inclusive and collaborative way to address the many issues faced by vulnerable children in all aspects of their lives. At the center of our vision, is our aim to continue to build on our many successes and place the reintegration of children into their families, and in Cambodian society, as the main objective in 2016 and beyond.DT will continue to explore partnerships that respond to the needs of adults living with disabilities; and to develop its training capacity and support for NGOs and families. DT strives to develop services that are adaptive, responsive and holistic. In February 2016, DT’s new Strategic Plan was launched, it focused the 4 key pillars of:

1-Non-Formal Education and Reintegration

2-Vulnerable children

3-Safe Migration and Anti-trafficking

4-Access to Employment and Sustainability; and Physical and Intellectual Disabilities.

   This document will be used to guide the organizations direction over the next 4 years I would like to acknowledge the valuable contributions that DT members, individuals, stakeholders, board members and  Technical Advisors’ have made.

Dr. Sovannarith Sam Executive Director,

Phnom Penh, January 2018